Constipated? You're not alone

Read about experiences, share your own story and find out what you can do to relieve the frustration of constipation.

Let's talk constipation...

Dulco range

£1 off your next Dulcolax or Dulcoease purchase

Dulcolax contains Bisacodyl.
Dulcoease contains Docusate Sodium.
Always read the label

Dulcolax 5mg


5mg gastro-intestinal Tablets

Contains Bisacodyl,
always read the label.



100mg capsules

Contains Docusate Sodium,
always read the label.

Dulcolax 10mg


10mg and 5mg Suppositories

Contains Bisacodyl,
always read the label.



Powder for oral solution

Contains Macragol 4000,
always read the label.

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